June 26, 2009

Kimbo Slice vows to prove dana white wrong.

The former Elite XC star has been handed a place on the hit reality TV series in a move which has stunned UFC fans and the mixed martial arts community.

Slice said: "It's an opportunity for me to prove myself and show that I can be a mixed martial artist.

"I've come from the backyard and been a street fighter but it's time to step my game up.

"A lot of people have a lot of questions about if I can fight mixed martial arts style - how good is my ground game and all that bulls*** - but I'm coming in to prove myself.

"I'm coming in to kick ass, take names and continue to feed myself and my family - that's what it's all about with me."

White last year claimed he would pit 155lb star BJ Penn - the lightweight champion - against 235lb Slice if he were to ever fight in the UFC.

He said: "You know what would happen if Kimbo fought in the UFC? I'd put him in against B.J. Penn, and he would get annihilated.

"Kimbo has no credibility at all in MMA. I am telling you, BJ Penn would beat him."
MMA Videos | Kimbo Slice vows to prove dana white wrong.


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